New Garden?

Just moved into a new build?

The gardens of new houses aren't always the best. Is this your finding?

In many cases under what seems like the perfect lawn is building rubble. And whilst the lawn might look nice it's not going to grow well. And digging over the beds is often difficult, and again that onlu unearths more rubble. And in some cases there might not even be a lawn. Just the rubble!

The  answer?

Ask us to take a look at the garden and we'll talk to you about your lifestyle and what you want from a garden.

Got young children? Then a garden full of flowers and paving stones isn't the answer, is it?

Got no gardening skills? Then high maintenance isn't the answer either.

Newly retired, with lots of time? Well lthat's different again, but the heavy lifting for a new garden might not be what you had in mind.

Not got the means of shifting builder's rubble?

Give us a call. We'll help you and your new garden.

We'll help you to plan the garden around your requirements, both in terms of what you want the garden to look like, and how you want to deal with the maintenance. And if you want to have a low maintenance space with not many flowers but lots of paving stones, patio areas, hardstanding areas and drives we'll talk to you about the latest suggestions and materials to help prevent flooding and keep the maintenace down!

Established Garden?

Are you faced with an established garden, but one that's not to your liking? Or where your lifestyle has changed and the garden is no longer suited to you?

We can help you sort that out as well.

We'll help you figure out what you do and don't like about your garden and see whether it's possible to rescue any of its features. it may be like the classic Morecambe and WIse sketch: all the right flowers but not necessarily in the right place!

We'll help re-arrange the garden, moving plants to where they're better suited, making the paths more interesting, giving you places to sit and contemplate the world, giving you a space you can relax in. Unless that is you have 3 year olds who want to tear round the garden!

We have been helping people like yourselves since 2006. We'll bring with us our knowledge and experience. We'll help you create your perect garden. We won't try to do that in one fell swoop. We'll make suggestions and leave you to think about it. We'll make a few changes and let you live with it. It might even be best to modify some of the new aspects of your garden, but what matters is that you get the garden you want. This isn't a new kitchen that's installed in one go and we disappear!

Paracetemol for Landscapes

We can provide the paracetemol for the nagging headaches that you've been sufferiing from and help you to:

  • Transform your garden.
  • Lay or seed your new lawn.
  • Plant prune or lop down trees, shrubs and plants.
  • Build or fix patios.
  • Add, maiintain or remove fencing.
  • Build and repair traditional Cumbria dry stone walls.
  • Add or reconfigure drives, steps and paths.
  • Create focal point features such as garden furniture, pools and fountains.

Take a look at our contact page and give us a call or email us and we'll come round and chat about your requirements.

If you want to take a look at the kind of work we do and how we tackle jobs then our Gardening and Landscaping sections will give a sense of how easy/difficult or quick/time consuming a job might be. Obviously the current state and the size of a garden makes a difference!