Do you have a lawn that's seen better days, like the one above?

And you want a fantastic lawn?

But you don't want to lay out for brand new turf, delivery and laying costs?

Then let us help you by creating one from new seed.

This is best done in late summer to mid-autumn. There's not the battle with competing weeds, the rays of the sun means the ground is at the perfect temperature (I know, I'm pushing it a bit here for Cumbria) but the certain dampness and any(!) rain means that conditions should be perfect for seeds to germinate.

If for whatever reason the opportunity to sow in autumn is missed, then we can do the work the following mid-spring. What's essential in sowing a lawn is that it receives enough water, but without it getting excess water, so it's best if we don't sow if there's any sign of a prolonged hot summer.

With the particular issues of Cumbrian gardens it can be that sowing a lawn can have its advanatges. Cumbria has a predominance of old houses, very often with lawns that are not level, 'mis-shaped' or where lawns may even be on fell sides. As a result sowing can score over laying a lawn by virtue of cost and the fact that new turf comes in regular rectangular shapes which is not the best for fitting on those 'mis-shaped' areas.

Choosing the seed

We'll help advise you on the right seed for your lawn based on the kind of lawn you want, your soil type and location. With our trade contacts we'll get you the seed at good price and arrange for a suitable delivery time. We'll ensure that we buy enough seed plus some excess just to be certain.

Preparing the Soil

We'll make sure the area is well prepared by taking off any existing grass and making sure the soil is free of any large stones (and if it's a new house builders' rubble) and weeds and make sure it's flat. We'll give the soil a good raking and then a light 'rolling' followed by another raking. In the days before the seed is delivered and/or laid, depending on weather conditions, we'll rake in some fertiliser.

Sowing the seed

Sowing a lawn is not a straight forward matter of chucking some seed on the soil! We need to make sure that the seed is sown evenly, so we measure out the seed in terms of the number of square metres and we'll mark out the area into those square metres. This way we can ensure coverage and that there's sufficient. We'll sow each area from two directions to make ensure good coverage. Once the seed is sown we'll give a light raking and a good watering.

And Afterwards?

It's essential that in some way or other you protect the sown area from both people walking over it, but also stopping the birds getting at the tasty new seed. This can be done by putting fruit netting over it and by putting some sort of warning just to remind you DON'T WALK ON THE SEED. And don't foget the little ones! If you do have little ones around make sure you take more drastic measures by properly cordoning off the area. The seeds will need constant watering to make sure that they don't dry out, so we'll set up a sprinkler system, especially if we do have a dry season. We'll also make sure the area is weeded so that the lawn can have the best possible startigh, cut with a rotary mower to 2.5cm (1in). Carefully rake up the clippings. Do this for the next four cuts.