When to lay a lawn

Creating a new lawn, or replacing an existing one that's got moss ridden or too scruffy to repair is pretty straightforward for us. We just need to arrange with you to do it at the right time of year.

The main thing about laying a new lawn is to make sure it can be kept properly watered, so we can lay a new lawn anytime between spring and autumn, unless we 'suffer' from a long hot summer!

If the soil is nice and warm, for example after a spell of warm/hot weather the turf will get establised pretty quickly. So laying a lawn late summer/early autumn is one option. We avoid early spring just to make sure ther's no chance of any frost.


We'll remove any existing turf and make sure that the soil is free of any large stones. We'll level the site (if appropriate!) by getting rid of any humps or dips. Once we're happy with the soil we'll rake it to make sure that it's nice fine soil and then give it a light 'rolling'  which may be just walking over it to firm the soil up. Lastly, we'll give the soil a feed and water and rake it one last time.
Because gardens and lawns in Cumbria come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of flatness we'll talk to you about whether you want the lawn edged and how you want us to tackle any slopes. If you wish we'll lay out paths or build in any steps required either in it or exiting from it.

Buying the turf

We use locally sourced turf to ensure that there are no problems adapting to our local growing conditions, and well liase with our supplier to ensure that it's delivered when we wre available. Whilst you can leave turf for a short time, it's best laid as soon as possible. We'll make sure the ground has been fully prepared so that once the lawn is deleivered it can be laid almost immediately.

Laying the turf

Laying the turf is a bit like horizontal brick laying! By ensuring we get off to  a good start, good foundations so to speak, we'll lay the lawn a little bit like bricks so that each strip is tightly bedded into to the ones that abut it.

The after care

Once the lawn is laid we'll give it a good water and hopefully you'll have a sprinkler which we can set up. We advise that you try to keep off the grass for quite some time. We may be talking weeks here, rather than hours or days.We have had customers, and friends, who have ignored our advice here and they have come to regret their impatience!

By all means get a recliner chair, a glass of wine and some snacks and watch the grass grow, but take our advice.  KEEP OFF THE GRASS!