Summer bulbs, such as alliums, agapanthus and cannas, should be planted in spring, when the soil is beginning to warm up.
We need to make sure that the ground is warm and dry and that there's no chance of a ground frost.

Select bulbs

As with planting spring bulbs our customers either like to go round one of the many local garden centres and choose the bulbs themselves or, more usually they give us an idea of what they want and leave us to buy the bulbs. ourselves.

If you want to buy bulbs for us to plant we recommend that you check they're as healthy and fresh as possible. Just as with spring bulbs let us know when you've bought bulbs so that we can plant them as soon as possible to prevent them sprouting before they're in the ground.


The best location for summer bulbs tends to be in as sunny and warm position as possible. To prevent the bulbs from rotting in the ground, something that they are known for, it's best to have well drained soil, so this may place a limit on their location in a garden.

How to plant

Summer bulbs can be planted either individually or in a trench to form a display. We can talk to you about where you'd like us to put the bulbs to achieve the kind of effect you're looking for.

Over winter storage

Summer bulbs will not survive over winter, so at the end of the season we'll come round and take them out of the ground and prepare them for over winter storage. We'll get rid of any loose soil and take off the dead leaves before drying them overnight. After that they can be stored in a dry frost free location and re-used the floowing year.

You might want to take a note of how well you thought they did, or whether you liked their location or not and the following year we can move them around as you wish.