We're often asked by customers to help them move shrubs as part of a garden re-organisation. .

The best time for doing this work is late winter or early spring.


We'll start by preparing a large planting hole where the shrub is going to be moved to. So before asking us to move something, it's best to have an idea as towhere you do want it. We can help make suggestions as to where it migh be best sited.

We'll make sure that the propsed site is a good one, and we'll prepare the ground by digging a large enough hole.to accommodate the root ball. We'll make sure the the soil in the bottom of the is not solid by forking it over. amd we'll add plenty of organic matter.

Often getting the plant out of its present location is the problem. Unless it's a small plant it's usually necessary to dig a deep 'trench' round the shrub being moved. Getting the plant up is a combination of skill, patience and at times brute strength! We'll cut under the root ball with the intention of making sure that the ball is as large as possible, to ensure the future health of the plant. Hence the brute strength!

Transfer the plant

Once we have a well defined root ball clear we will often try to get something wrapped round it, especially if the plant is being moved more than just a couple of feet. to make sure that the ball remains intact and tto prevent drying out..

We'll tarnsfer the shrub as quickly as possible give the hole and plant water. Depending on cicumstances we may or may not stake the plant. Over the next few weeks we'll make sure that the plant is thriving and we'll continue tomake sure it's well watered.