High Maintenance or Low Maintenance?

The answer to that question is possibly going to be 'That depends on who's going to be doing the maintenace!'
The world renown Garden Designer Christopher Lloyd reputedly once said “Everyone is on about low-maintenance gardens, I’m interested in high maintenance.”  Now we're not going to suggest that we're in his class, but what we can say is that we can design a garden basd around your requirements as a customer.

Your requirements

It goes wwithout saying that a garden design has to be built round what the owner wants!
Do you want us to design and build a garden but for you to maintain it? In which case you may want High Maintenance!
Or do you want us to design, build and maintain? In which case we're guessing that you want Low Maintenance!


Design a Garden

Designing a garden is not a one step process. There's a phrase used in computer software that is relevant hee, and that's 'incremental and iterative'!
We'll visit you to see the size and location and look at any slopes, gradients, drops and streams.
We'll talk to you about who will be using the garden, their ages and physical abilities to see whether that has any impact on the kind of layout you want. We'll talk to you about who will maintain the garden and any limitation on their time and abilities. Next we'll talk about the balance you want in your garden, the proportion of flower gardens, lawns, play areas, sitting and eating areas. We'll also ask you about how you want those features in relation to the house. We'll look at where the sun rises and sets in relation to these features to make sure you get the full benefit of the sun.


We'll ask about the kind of soil you have, the prevailing wind, the garden's aspect. Once we have this background we'll be able to produce an initial 2D sketch. It's at this point that the incremental and iterative approach takes over. That sketch will prompt thought from you and questions such as 'could you not extend that area, move that feature to there'. And the design will change We'll point out what what we thinks will and won't work and through discussion we'll arrive at a design that is going to meet suit you, your family and your garden.

Build a garden?

Having got a design we'll start to build it, lay out the lawn, build the pond, construct any paths and steps, plant the flowers, shrubs and trees. As this process continues you may have more ideas as to what you want and we'll perhaps be able to incorporate them (but it's best not to have too many new ideas late in the build process!).


Have we designed and built your dream garden?
I'm sure the answer will be yes, In which case there's only one last thing to do: