Caring for a Lawn

Mowing. How often?

The answer to the question, ‘How often should a lawn be mowed?’, I’m afraid is the same as the answer to the question ‘When should I wash my car?’. That answer is the answer you don’t want to hear. A little and often.

Laying a lawn

When to lay a lawn

Creating a new lawn, or replacing an existing one that's got moss ridden or too scruffy to repair is pretty straightforward for us. We just need to arrange with you to do it at the right time of year.

Planting Summer Bulbs


Summer bulbs, such as alliums, agapanthus and cannas, should be planted in spring, when the soil is beginning to warm up.
We need to make sure that the ground is warm and dry and that there's no chance of a ground frost.

Pruning a hedge

Why and when prune hedges?

We'll help you keep your hedge looking tidy to create a smart boundary to your garden. Hedges that are left unchecked will soon look scruffy. They can lose their shape and  can become unmanageable, especially if it's a leylandii hedge.

Pruning Flowers


It’s not just trees and shrubs that need pruning. Pruning flowering perennials, annuals or bedding plants will help to give them better quality blooms or bushier plants. As part of our regular jobs for you (after mowing the lawn or trimming the hedge, for example) we'll also expertly trim your garden flowers.

Pruning Roses


We prune roses for three main reasons:

  • to improve their flowering
  • to maintain an attractive shape
  • to keep plants healthy.

Sowing a Lawn


Do you have a lawn that's seen better days, like the one above?

And you want a fantastic lawn?